Ali & Rich Got Hitched!

The most easygoing couple award goes to…Ali and Rich!

Ali and Rich got hitched this weekend here on the Berkeley ferryboat amongst family and friends.   The ceremony took place on the west deck at 4pm.

Ali & Rich

Lighthearted, silly, and obviously in love, Ali and Rich were a delight this Saturday at their wedding.

West Deck with Groomsmen

“Two of my favorite people getting married—it’s going to be awesome,” said Andrew.

Berkeley Ferryboat Tables

This was my first nautical themed wedding and I have to say, I liked it!  The light blue and white fit right in with the relaxed atmosphere the bride and groom wanted.  There was also a candy table, which was a fun touch, and great jams by Sunset Mobile Music.

“It’s crazy how usually these kinds of events are so uptight, but being a part of the group of people surrounding these two is great.  This is one of the most original weddings I’ve been to,” said Best Man, Jon.

Wedding Speeches

During the ceremony, family had an opportunity to say a few words of encouragement (which was something new that I liked).  Ali’s cousin read some kind words of advice and loving guidance in Spanish.  Then Rich’s grandma said a few words.

Wedding Speech from Grandma

“Grandpa and I love you very much and are so proud of you,” said Grandma Schubarth among other things.

Gene Gay's Speech

The officiant, Barry, said, “They both wanted a short and casual ceremony with no surprises.”  Then he introduced the surprise: the groom’s father, who read a short poem.  Rich and his father hugged at the end, so I figured it was an acceptable surprise.

Ceremony Shot

There were lots of laughs and lots of tears throughout the ceremony but Ali and Rich were all smiles as they were introduced as husband and wife.

Surprise Wedding Party

After the ceremony the wedding party went over to the HMS Surprise to take photos.  They are a gorgeous couple!

Ali & Rich Pointing

“I’m just really happy my sister has found someone that makes her so happy and laugh all the time.  I wish them the best from here on out!” said Jimmy.

Congratulations you two!  There are tons more photos up on Facebook if you want to check them out.

Fair winds,

Erica Geary

Ryan & Katie’s Reception

Sunday, April 15th, Ryan and Katie boarded the Berkeley ferryboat for their wedding reception.

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Lots of smiling faces filled the upper deck as guests tried out Ryan and Katie’s own beer, perused costumes at the photo booth, and sampled tasty treats at the mashed potato bar.

“I wish you all the best as you grow together through the years,” said Rich, who also officiated the wedding.

“Beautiful ceremony for two beautiful people.  Love you lots,” added Missy and Jymmy.

DJ Frank from Sunset Mobile Music announced the wedding party amidst cheers and applause from the guests.  As the music grew in volume, so did the excitement of all onboard when Ryan and Katie were welcomed as husband and wife.  They danced their way across the floor and kissed, posing for pictures.  Then everyone headed out to the west deck for toasts!

“Best son a man could ever have,” said the groom’s stepfather, Richard.

“I love you and I have been on this boat when I was a kid!” said Momma Rhonda.

“It was an amazing day and everything was beautiful.  We love you so much.  We wish you a happy life together,” said Cousin Lisa.

Dinner, dancing, and cake followed.  Exciting, fun, and fresh—it was a great reception for a great couple.

Katie’s mother said, “It was a beautiful ceremony and we wish you a long happy life together.”

“Your second mom is very happy that you got married to a wonderful guy,” said Robin L. to Katie.

“Katie bug, Aunt Sis wishes you the best and will remain on,” said Aunt Sis.

Congratulations Ryan and Katie!   We wish you the best!

Fair winds,

Erica Geary

James & Kristan’s Wedding

Congratulations Kristan & James on your wedding, Saturday April 14th!

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The ceremony and reception were held on the Berkeley Ferryboat, which was decorated elegantly with photos and flowers.

The flower girls chatted excitedly, as they waited for the bride to arrive.  The groom chatted with his best man and Reverend Powers as they prepared for the ceremony.

Kristan looked absolutely beautiful.  She showed me her sparkling heels that said “I Do” on the bottom and also the glitter Chucks she changed into for the ceremony.  I love the flare—what a fun idea!

The ceremony was beautiful.  Reverend Powers officiated the wedding, leading Kristan and James through their vows.  Both the bride and groom were teary-eyed as they committed to their love for one another.

After their vows, they exchanged white roses, as their first gift to one another as husband and wife.  Reverend Powers asked that they buy a vase, and every year on their anniversary, buy one another roses and place them in that vase to remind them of the love they share.  Also, whenever things get rough, he encouraged them to buy a rose, and place it in the vase, to remind them of their love.   Then they kissed and everyone cheered!

Everyone headed toward the west deck for photos but it started to rain.  The photographer was able to quickly adjust the plans and get a great group photo on the dance floor.  As the rain cleared, the bride and groom headed to the east deck to take a few more photos.  A rainbow greeted the couple as they stepped outside.  I couldn’t help but smile.

“We love you,” said Dave and Peteolean.

“Nice job marrying up,” Kevin said to James with a smile.

“Congratulations,” said Uncle Jim.

“Kristan, I’ve been hearing you plan your wedding since you were a teenager, and finally the day is here.  I love you and wish you the best,” said Kristan’s stepfather, George.

“May God bless you both and watch over you the rest of your lives,” said Kristan’s grandmother.

“It means so much to me to be able to share this day with you,” said Beverly.

“I just wish the two of you a lifetime of happiness and I’m so glad you found each other,” said Lauren Kirby.

“Kristan, you practiced for this role for over 25 years and it’s finally come to fruition!” said the Mother of the Bride.

Congratulations Kristan and James!  We wish you the best.

Fair winds,

Erica Geary




Mitchell & Tamiko’s Wedding!

Congratulations to Mitchell and Tamiko on their wedding Saturday, March 17, 2012!

As everyone knows, rain on your wedding day is supposed to be lucky.  Well, these two deserve buckets of luck for the amount of rain coming down on their special day.   It also happened to be St. Patrick’s Day!

Groomsmen in uniform

The Berkeley Ferryboat was illuminated with stained glass windows and twinkling lights as family and guests mingled before the evening ceremony.  The groomsmen, in Navy uniform, practiced their sword arch and chatted with the groom.

Navy Wedding Rituals

“Always remember rule #1,” said Tony Donatelli.

Chad Morrison added, “Try anything once, twice if you like it, no more than three times because you might get hooked.”

“Next time I borrow your tent, include the cover,” said Jaime Martinez.

As Tamiko made her final preparations below on the main deck, her family and friends visited and enjoyed appetizers.  “Congratulations from the Gohlson family!” said Ms. Gohlson.

Bride's parents

I had the opportunity to visit with the bride’s parents.  They were all smiles and good wishes.  “We wish her the best of luck,” said Yuki, mother of the bride.  “I hope she’s happy—that’s the important thing,” said Richard, father of the bride.

Meanwhile, Tamiko was taking photos with the flower girls and bridesmaids.  Her elegant white gown with red beaded trim took my breath away.  The flower girls’ red dresses complimented the bride’s dress beautifully.

Then it was time for the ceremony.  Tamiko was escorted down the aisle by her father, her red and white beaded train gliding behind her.  The ceremony took place on the stage on the east end of the Berkeley.  There was laughter and there were a few happy tears as the two repeated their vows.  When it was time to exchange rings, Mitchell was presented with a ball and chain, causing Tamiko and the guests to burst into laughter.

Ceremony kiss

The couple kissed and was presented to their loved ones as husband and wife.  What a lovely pair!  Many photos were taken and the reception continued into the night on the west end of the Berkeley.

“Much love and 1,000 years of happiness.   Also, thank you to all the servicemen here protecting our country,” said Miyo, George, and Ashley.

“Thanks Chief for always believing in me.  I’m honored and humbled by your endless belief in what is good,” said Juan.

Married First Picture

Congratulations and thanks for hosting your event with us!  If you’d like to see more photos—check out our Facebook page!

Fair winds,

Erica Geary

John and Holly’s Wedding

Congratulations to Holly and John who said “I do” yesterday aboard the HMS Surprise.  The ceremony took place by the helm as guests witnessed the happy couple’s union.  Reverend Powers performed a sweet and short ceremony that was followed by photos around the ship.

Holly’s uncle, Lou was the photographer for the wedding and walked around greeting guests and taking photos.  He said, “Holly and John are an awesome couple.”

When John walked aboard, his son, Doug, chuckled and said, “You clean up well, Dad.”  The two chatted and joked with one another as guests were seated.

As Holly and her mother got ready and took photos below deck, Maids of Honor, Gayle and Louise spoke warmly of Holly.  Gayle said, “Congratulations!  It’s been a wonderful friendship that led to this.”  Louise added, “What’s so neat about this, is you hardly ever find a couple where both of them are so great.”  They helped John with his boutineer and then got into position as Holly came up the stairs with her mother.

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They exchanged vows, rings, and a kiss in front of their friends and family.  Reverend Powers did not allow them to kiss until the very end of the ceremony, creating laughter as they attempted a kiss prematurely.  Finally he allowed the kiss and presented the couple.  Leyla Wilson said, “Congratulations on marrying your best friend.”

John’s long-time friend Russ added, “You saved the best for last.”

As guests mingled, Herb spoke of John saying, “We are drinking buddies, co-conspirator liars, and poets.  He ended up being a best friend.”

In the words of Doug and Chambre, “Bon voyage!” Holly and John—may you enjoy a life of happiness together!

Fair Winds,

Erica Geary

Valentine’s Wedding on the Californian

Tuesday, February 14, 2012, Kristen & David tied the knot on Valentine’s Day at the Maritime Museum of San Diego.  Aboard the tall ship Californian, the two said “I do” during their dockside wedding ceremony at 2:14pm on 2/14.  Romantic?  I think so.

The 40 guests were seated on deck in white chairs with white ribbons with the ceremony taking place on the bow.  The ship was elegantly decorated with white roses and the wedding beautifully coordinated by Sharon Cole of A Dream Wedding.  I was surprised at how much space was available.  We could have easily seated 60 guests at a dockside wedding.

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This was not your average wedding.  Following the ceremony the newlyweds and their guests headed out to sea for a 2 ½ hour sail with Captain Chris Welton.  The bride, groom, and guests rolled up their sleeves and joined the crew in sailing the ship—tuxedos and all.

Congratulations to the happy couple and we wish you all the happiness in the world!  Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day.

Fair winds,

Erica Geary