Holiday Parties

It’s that time of year again and along with the holidays come great parties!

Saturday Eventful hosted their holiday party aboard the Berkeley Ferryboat.  Music, cocktails, and holiday cheer filled the McKinney Deck late into the evening.

Ferryboat Berkeley
Ferryboat Berkeley

Sunset Mobile Music kept guests rocking and provided great tunes for the fashion show and dancing.

Food was provided by San Diego Catering and guests were seated around the dance floor.

Thanks for a great event @Eventful!  We hope to see you again soon.

Fair winds,

Erica Geary

Ali & Rich Got Hitched!

The most easygoing couple award goes to…Ali and Rich!

Ali and Rich got hitched this weekend here on the Berkeley ferryboat amongst family and friends.   The ceremony took place on the west deck at 4pm.

Ali & Rich

Lighthearted, silly, and obviously in love, Ali and Rich were a delight this Saturday at their wedding.

West Deck with Groomsmen

“Two of my favorite people getting married—it’s going to be awesome,” said Andrew.

Berkeley Ferryboat Tables

This was my first nautical themed wedding and I have to say, I liked it!  The light blue and white fit right in with the relaxed atmosphere the bride and groom wanted.  There was also a candy table, which was a fun touch, and great jams by Sunset Mobile Music.

“It’s crazy how usually these kinds of events are so uptight, but being a part of the group of people surrounding these two is great.  This is one of the most original weddings I’ve been to,” said Best Man, Jon.

Wedding Speeches

During the ceremony, family had an opportunity to say a few words of encouragement (which was something new that I liked).  Ali’s cousin read some kind words of advice and loving guidance in Spanish.  Then Rich’s grandma said a few words.

Wedding Speech from Grandma

“Grandpa and I love you very much and are so proud of you,” said Grandma Schubarth among other things.

Gene Gay's Speech

The officiant, Barry, said, “They both wanted a short and casual ceremony with no surprises.”  Then he introduced the surprise: the groom’s father, who read a short poem.  Rich and his father hugged at the end, so I figured it was an acceptable surprise.

Ceremony Shot

There were lots of laughs and lots of tears throughout the ceremony but Ali and Rich were all smiles as they were introduced as husband and wife.

Surprise Wedding Party

After the ceremony the wedding party went over to the HMS Surprise to take photos.  They are a gorgeous couple!

Ali & Rich Pointing

“I’m just really happy my sister has found someone that makes her so happy and laugh all the time.  I wish them the best from here on out!” said Jimmy.

Congratulations you two!  There are tons more photos up on Facebook if you want to check them out.

Fair winds,

Erica Geary

Ryan & Katie’s Reception

Sunday, April 15th, Ryan and Katie boarded the Berkeley ferryboat for their wedding reception.

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Lots of smiling faces filled the upper deck as guests tried out Ryan and Katie’s own beer, perused costumes at the photo booth, and sampled tasty treats at the mashed potato bar.

“I wish you all the best as you grow together through the years,” said Rich, who also officiated the wedding.

“Beautiful ceremony for two beautiful people.  Love you lots,” added Missy and Jymmy.

DJ Frank from Sunset Mobile Music announced the wedding party amidst cheers and applause from the guests.  As the music grew in volume, so did the excitement of all onboard when Ryan and Katie were welcomed as husband and wife.  They danced their way across the floor and kissed, posing for pictures.  Then everyone headed out to the west deck for toasts!

“Best son a man could ever have,” said the groom’s stepfather, Richard.

“I love you and I have been on this boat when I was a kid!” said Momma Rhonda.

“It was an amazing day and everything was beautiful.  We love you so much.  We wish you a happy life together,” said Cousin Lisa.

Dinner, dancing, and cake followed.  Exciting, fun, and fresh—it was a great reception for a great couple.

Katie’s mother said, “It was a beautiful ceremony and we wish you a long happy life together.”

“Your second mom is very happy that you got married to a wonderful guy,” said Robin L. to Katie.

“Katie bug, Aunt Sis wishes you the best and will remain on,” said Aunt Sis.

Congratulations Ryan and Katie!   We wish you the best!

Fair winds,

Erica Geary

Pirates Meet Paradise at NACE Meeting

What do pirates have to do with paradise?  Apparently they go together quite well.  Tuesday night, NACE hosted a meeting aboard the Berkeley, complete with Capt’n Jack, a Loren Smith Productions pirate band, great music provided by Sunset Mobile Music, and an assortment of delicacies.  To compliment the pirate festivities, a tour of the Cook-Melville-Gauguin Three Voyages to Paradise exhibit transported guests to the South Pacific.

As the evening progressed, members of the National Association of Catering Executives (NACE) mingled and enjoyed the ambiance.  The upper deck of the Berkeley was filled with friendly smiles and laughter.  I had the privilege of meeting many fascinating people including bakers, caterers, photographers, a DJ, a florist, a magician, and all kinds of special event professionals.  

Flowers and set-up provided by Lois Mathews Design and kool. party rentals completed the festive decor for the evening.  The crowd grew hungry, and instead of mutinying, was satiated by the concoctions of Continental Catering.  They provided an elegant Pirate Buffet complete with a Spanish Galleon Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup station, a Barbossa Braised Beef Short Rib Pot Roast station, a Pirate’s Potato Pillage station, a Root Beer Floats-a-Boat dessert station that could be made with root beer or Stone Brewing Co. beer, and other delicious appetizers and coffee.  I thought the grilled cheese was to die for and the floats were pretty tasty as well.     

Grove Pastry Shop provided delectable desserts, tempting even the most devout of dieters.All in all it was a fantastic evening.  Thank you to everyone who was involved!  A special thank you to Emilio Azevedo for the photos!

Fair winds,

Erica Geary