Go Back in Time at the Maritime Museum!

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Prepare to sail through time here at the Maritime Museum! (Complete with our Rat Stew and live music!)

Come join us at any of our unique events where we’re sure you’ll have a blast!

Every event comes with a beautiful view of the San Diego Bay, so make sure to check out our different venues!

PCOM Event

Berkeley Ferryboat PCOM Event

This week we had the privilege of hosting an event for the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and what a grand event it was!

Guests at PCOM Event

The pirate-themed party was complete with a performance by the Jackstraws Pirate Band, exquisite edibles by Continental Catering, multiple bars hosted by our very own pirate crew, and tons of guests mingling and enjoying the gorgeous San Diego evening.

Continental Catering at PCOM Event

Here is a clip from the Jackstraw’s performance:

There are additional photos posted on our Flickr site if you’d like to see more!

Fair winds,

Erica Geary

Pirate Party Planning 101

Pirate Party

Birthdays are the best–especially if you have a fun way to celebrate with friends.  I recommend the Pirate Party for kids and adults.  So how is it done?

Here are 7 key steps to Pirate Party success:

1. Find a huge ship

2. Hire pirates

3. Decorate the ship

4. Engage is swashbuckling activities

5. Eat, drink (juice or something for kids of course), and be merry

6. Search for treasure

7. Divide the loot among the crew

That’s pretty simple right?


Pirate Birthday

You can give us a call and we will do all of the planning for you.  Conveniently enough, we can do all of those things!  Just dress up, and focus on the fun.

Email specialevents@sdmaritime.org for more info.

Fair winds,

Erica Geary

Victorian Ferryboat Berkeley

Boats have character, just like people.  That being said, I thought a little bio would be appropriate to introduce our vessels.  This week, I’d like to introduce you to Berkeley.

Historic ferryboat Berkeley is available as a Venue for Corporate Events, Private Events, Weddings, and Receptions.

You can be a part of living history!  Built in 1898, the Berkeley ferryboat still enchants and delights with her carved wood paneling, old-fashioned passenger seating, elegant stairwells, and stained glass windows.

Dance floor

Back in the day, she was the largest commuter ferry in the US.  Berkeley was built to transport rail passengers from Oakland to San Francisco and even evacuated refugees and transported aid following the San Francisco earthquake and fire of 1906.

Deck party

Today guests can rent out the upper deck for a variety of special occasions.  The Berkeley can accommodate up to 1,000 guests.  She has ample seating for 350, a dance floor, bar, tables, presentation screen, a sound system, and two outdoor party decks.  Catering, music, flowers, and even pirates to entertain guests can be arranged through the Event Venues department.


If Berkeley were my friend, I would say she was classy, elegant, trustworthy, heroic, and at times surprising.  Intrigued?  Come on by for a tour of the Berkeley and see her beauty for yourself!

Fair winds,

Erica Geary

Host an Event at the San Salvador Build Site!

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Contact: James Davis

619-234-9153 ex.102


The Maritime Museum of San Diego Invites San Diegans to a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to Host an Event at the San Salvador Build Site

SAN DIEGO – March 23, 2012 The Maritime Museum of San Diego, a San Diego nonprofit that serves as the community memory of our seafaring experience by collecting, preserving, and presenting our rich maritime heritage and historic connections with the Pacific world, welcomes guests to host a private waterfront event at the San Salvador Build Site on Spanish Landing.

Whether a corporate dinner, a group mixer, a party, or a celebration—the Maritime Museum offers a venue unlike any other.  For a limited time groups can rent out the construction site during the building of the ship, San Salvador, an historically accurate replica of Juan Cabrillo’s flagship.

San Salvador and her epic journey with Juan Cabrillo resulted in the first visit by a European-organized expedition to the port of San Diego, and a first encounter with the original peoples of this region.  She symbolizes our seafaring past and our origin as a community of many ethnicities and cultures.

In addition to relaxing on the waterfront, guests are welcome to take a private tour of the construction site and learn about the history of the vessel and San Diego.  “It’s exciting to partake in such an historic event.  This ship symbolizes the beginning of San Diego as we know it today,” said San Salvador Project Manager, Bruce Heyman.

“It’s awesome to be part of the process and watching a 1542 Spanish galleon rise out of a parking lot,” added Bruce Heyman.

About The Maritime Museum of San Diego
The purpose of the Maritime Museum of San Diego (www.sdmaritime.org) is to preserve the traditional knowledge, skills, and folk culture of the enterprise of the sea, provide a safe repository for material culture, and to illustrate how the maritime enterprise has touched and continues to influence our daily lives through innovative and engaging educational programs, exhibits, publications, and cultural events.

Fair winds,

Erica Geary