Chocolate Festival is April 30, 2017!

Chocolate Festival 2017

Chocolate Festival

Sunday April 30, 2017
10:00am to 4:00pm

The history of chocolate and how it came to our country is an interesting tale of seafaring travels.

This year’s event will be held on multiple vessels to expand the event space!

This popular annual event with over 15 vendors showcasing and sampling various types of chocolate, has something for every palette. Kids and adults can make their own chocolate pizza, to delight chocolate lovers of all ages. The adults can participate in the wine and chocolate or beer and chocolate pairings as well as live baking and cooking with chocolate demonstrations.

Bay cruises and sailing opportunities with chocolate delicacies on board are available too.

Included Activities

  • Experience chocolate at our vendor booths
  • Kitchen tricks with chocolate
  • Culinary demonstrations starts at noon
  • Build your own Chocolate Pizza
  • Beer & Wine Chocolate pairings (21+ up)
  • Limited sample quantities
  • While supplies last

In advance ticket range: $13 – $20.
At the door: $23 – $33

2 and under ticket doesn’t include sampler card.

Book now! Chocolate Festival Admission

  • For Maritime Museum Members Admission is FREE and sample cards are available for $5.00 at the door.
  • Guest passes and seafarer passes are not valid during this special event.

Chocolate on the Seas, for Chocolate Festival:

  • Chocolate Goodies will be handed out on all Pilot Bay Cruises. Tickets available at the museum, $7 per person.
  • Tall Ship Adventure will have chocolate goodies aboard for sampling. Click here for Tall Ship tickets.

Chocolate Festival April 3, 2016


Sunday April 3, 2016
11:00am to 4:00pm

An event for all ages. Vendors focusing on chocolate edibles, demonstrations and many other interesting activities.

Mars Chocolate History Ambassadors will be onsite to demonstrate the historical bean-to-beverage story of 18th-century chocolate using authentic tools including cocoa pods, cocoa beans and nibs, a hot stone metate, winnowing baskets, chocolate drink pots and stirrers throughout the day. Observers will be able to touch, taste, smell, and experience chocolate as it was enjoyed in early America at every demonstration by sampling AMERICAN HERITAGE® Chocolate drink.

AMERICAN HERITAGE® Chocolate is an authentic historic chocolate recipe developed by Mars Chocolate North America.

Kumeyaay Demonstration This Sunday


What: Kumeyaay Demonstration

When: Sunday, May 6th, 11am-3:30pm

Where: San Salvador Village, 4216  N. Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101

San Salvador Construction

Can you imagine being one of the crew aboard the San Salvador when it sailed into the port of San Diego in 1542?  What would you have seen?  How would you have felt?  Who would you have met?  Right now, you have the opportunity to live history!

San Salvador Site Tents

In connection with the building of the replica Spanish galleon, San Salvador, the Maritime Museum of San Diego welcomes guests to San Salvador Village at Spanish Landing to learn about San Diego’s history and native peoples of coastal California, featuring the Kumeyaay.

Kumeyaay Instructor

Come on down to the San Salvador Build Site this Sunday, May 6th, to meet an instructor from Kumeyaay Community College, Stan Rodriguez.  Stan teaches Kumeyaay Language I & II and Kumeyaay Tools.  He will be leading demonstrations and will be sharing about Kumeyaay history.

We are honored and excited to have such a wonderful guest this Sunday and welcome children and adults alike to participate in the day’s activities.

“We will be making cordage from yucca leaves and then using the cordage to make nets. The yucca leaves have been boiled and visitors will have a chance to pound the leaves, scrape them with a clam shell, and then twist the fibers to create cordage,” said Maritime Museum’s Education Program Manager, Jody Wilson.

Will you be there?

Fair winds,

Erica Geary

2nd Annual Catalina Kayaking & Adventure Sail



James Davis

619-234-9153 ex.102


The Maritime Museum of San Diego Announces 2nd Annual Catalina Kayaking & Adventure Sail on Californian

SAN DIEGO – March 12, 2012 The Maritime Museum of San Diego, a San Diego nonprofit that serves as the community memory of our seafaring experience by collecting, preserving, and presenting our rich maritime heritage and historic connections with the Pacific world, welcomes adventure travelers aboard for the Catalina Kayaking and Adventure Sail!

The Maritime Museum is offering three sailing and kayaking adventures to Catalina Island this summer.  Two four-day trips are available June 22nd-25th and August 17th-20th and one seven-day trip with a port call in Santa Barbara is available July 24th-30th.

On each trip, participants will be able to experience the life of a sailor—hauling lines, manning the helm, standing watch, and possibly even going aloft to set and douse sails.  Once near Catalina, kayaks will be lowered into the water and everyone becomes an explorer—navigating the crystal clear waters, rugged shoreline, hidden caves, and underwater marine preserve.

“We typically see sea lions, whales, and dolphins by the score on these trips,” said Maritime Museum Captain of the Californian, Scott Baldwin.  The natural beauty of the sea and the action-filled days create the perfect mini-vacation and getaway!

Last year’s trips were a huge success.  “It was fun for the passengers and the crew.  We spent some time in two harbors and kayaked all over.  Everyone loved it so much, they wanted longer trips,” said First Mate, Paul Dempster.

About The Maritime Museum of San Diego
The purpose of the Maritime Museum of San Diego ( is to preserve the traditional knowledge, skills, and folk culture of the enterprise of the sea, provide a safe repository for material culture, and to illustrate how the maritime enterprise has touched and continues to influence our daily lives through innovative and engaging educational programs, exhibits, publications, and cultural events.

Fair Winds,

Erica Geary

Valentine’s Wedding on the Californian

Tuesday, February 14, 2012, Kristen & David tied the knot on Valentine’s Day at the Maritime Museum of San Diego.  Aboard the tall ship Californian, the two said “I do” during their dockside wedding ceremony at 2:14pm on 2/14.  Romantic?  I think so.

The 40 guests were seated on deck in white chairs with white ribbons with the ceremony taking place on the bow.  The ship was elegantly decorated with white roses and the wedding beautifully coordinated by Sharon Cole of A Dream Wedding.  I was surprised at how much space was available.  We could have easily seated 60 guests at a dockside wedding.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This was not your average wedding.  Following the ceremony the newlyweds and their guests headed out to sea for a 2 ½ hour sail with Captain Chris Welton.  The bride, groom, and guests rolled up their sleeves and joined the crew in sailing the ship—tuxedos and all.

Congratulations to the happy couple and we wish you all the happiness in the world!  Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day.

Fair winds,

Erica Geary

Happy Valentine’s Day San Diego

Hello sweethearts!  I hope this year is treating you well so far.  Being that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day–regardless of whether you have someone to celebrate with or not–I figured I would share some thoughts.

First of all, googly-eyed love-birds and solitary cynics alike can appreciate the value of love.  Now, not everyone has to buy into the red and pink wonderland of chocolates and greeting cards, but most people can say they have someone in their life that they love.

Personally, I love my sisters more than anyone in the world, so on this pseudo-holiday, I will send them some embarrassing public display of my affection.  Do people still send singing telegrams?  That could work.

What are you planning on doing for those you care about?  This past weekend at the Maritime Museum, we hosted a Sweetheart Sail around the San Diego Bay.  Couples climbed aboard for a three hour scenic tour of the bay, while enjoying champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.  Sounds romantic to me.

San Diego Bay Sailing

If you need some ideas, my advice is–think outside of the box.  I love the idea of going sailing or enjoying an adventure together.  Unfortunately our Sweetheart Sail has come and gone, but if you missed it, you can join in the fun next year.

This year I will be participating in a poetry slam night in lieu of traditional Valentine’s activities.  Regardless of what you do, have fun, and remember–flowers are always appreciated (unless your sweetheart is allergic)!

Fair winds,

Erica Geary

Boating With Red Hats

When I was a child I used to imagine what it would be like to be older.  My best friend Sara and I used to dream of all of the crazy things we would do when we were grandmothers.  Mostly we imagined the two of us playing tricks on younger people and laughing for hours.  We had plans to set tiny creatures loose and watch people scream, to eat as much ice cream as we could manage, and to take up some silly style of dance we were too embarrassed to try early-on in life.  All in all, we imagined spending time together and having fun.

Recently I followed a tour for the Red Hat Society here at the Maritime Museum.  Since I am training to become a docent, I am required to shadow three tours guided by official museum docents along with other training courses.  I had heard of the Red Hat Society before and have admired their wild outfits on many occasions but I did not know what they were all about.  Listening to the playful banter between two women, I felt comfortable asking.

A lovely woman with shiny silver hair adorned with a red hat (of course), magenta lipstick, and a wicked sparkling purple sweater filled me in on the details.  The Red Hat Society is an international organization for women generally over 50 years old (though younger women can also join) where women can join groups or “chapters” and spend time doing fun activities with their friends.  They are a supportive community created to empower women and provide a place to play!

I could not help but smile.  It seemed that many more women shared in my childhood dream of enjoying all of the years life had to offer.  After talking a bit more and exploring some of the exhibits on the Berkeley, we boarded the Pilot boat for a tour of the San Diego Bay.  There is nothing like being out on the water and seeing new sights to make you feel like a kid again.  With the wind in our hair, and the San Diego sun on our backs, we were all smiles.

Captain John guided us smoothly through the water as we learned facts on the US Navy, Coronado, the Coronado Bridge, Seaport Village, the Midway, and even saw some sea lions playing nearby.

After exploring the bay for 45 minutes, we descended the steep staircase into the American submarine, the USS Dolphin.  There, I learned that submarines do not need to be pressurized like airplanes.  I was shocked!  I was also fascinated to learn that oxygen and CO2 have to be provided and extracted respectively for longer journeys undersea.  We all took turns using the periscope and asking lots of questions.  As the tour came to a close, we waved our goodbyes and the group headed off to lunch.

Thanks for a great morning ladies!  Keep having fun!

Fair Winds,

Erica Geary