Mitchell & Tamiko’s Wedding!

Congratulations to Mitchell and Tamiko on their wedding Saturday, March 17, 2012!

As everyone knows, rain on your wedding day is supposed to be lucky.  Well, these two deserve buckets of luck for the amount of rain coming down on their special day.   It also happened to be St. Patrick’s Day!

Groomsmen in uniform

The Berkeley Ferryboat was illuminated with stained glass windows and twinkling lights as family and guests mingled before the evening ceremony.  The groomsmen, in Navy uniform, practiced their sword arch and chatted with the groom.

Navy Wedding Rituals

“Always remember rule #1,” said Tony Donatelli.

Chad Morrison added, “Try anything once, twice if you like it, no more than three times because you might get hooked.”

“Next time I borrow your tent, include the cover,” said Jaime Martinez.

As Tamiko made her final preparations below on the main deck, her family and friends visited and enjoyed appetizers.  “Congratulations from the Gohlson family!” said Ms. Gohlson.

Bride's parents

I had the opportunity to visit with the bride’s parents.  They were all smiles and good wishes.  “We wish her the best of luck,” said Yuki, mother of the bride.  “I hope she’s happy—that’s the important thing,” said Richard, father of the bride.

Meanwhile, Tamiko was taking photos with the flower girls and bridesmaids.  Her elegant white gown with red beaded trim took my breath away.  The flower girls’ red dresses complimented the bride’s dress beautifully.

Then it was time for the ceremony.  Tamiko was escorted down the aisle by her father, her red and white beaded train gliding behind her.  The ceremony took place on the stage on the east end of the Berkeley.  There was laughter and there were a few happy tears as the two repeated their vows.  When it was time to exchange rings, Mitchell was presented with a ball and chain, causing Tamiko and the guests to burst into laughter.

Ceremony kiss

The couple kissed and was presented to their loved ones as husband and wife.  What a lovely pair!  Many photos were taken and the reception continued into the night on the west end of the Berkeley.

“Much love and 1,000 years of happiness.   Also, thank you to all the servicemen here protecting our country,” said Miyo, George, and Ashley.

“Thanks Chief for always believing in me.  I’m honored and humbled by your endless belief in what is good,” said Juan.

Married First Picture

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Fair winds,

Erica Geary