Bridal Bazaar

Hello again brides!  As promised, I attended the Bridal Bazaar this Sunday and was amazed by all of the possibilities for venues, flowers, music, gowns, photographers, and especially cakes (which I did have the pleasure of sampling).  My favorite was a strawberry cake from Flour Power Custom Cakery.

Hundreds of brides, mothers, and friends filled the San Diego Convention Center with excitement and chatter as the day began.  I spotted more grooms than expected but they were still far outnumbered by brides.  Music filled the air from the booths of multiple DJs and musicians and there was a live fashion show modeling the hottest new wedding gowns.  It was wonderful meeting many of you and sharing in your exciting time.  I hope we can help you through your planning process and make your day incredible!

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If you talked to us at the Bridal Bazaar make sure to come stop by for a tour of our ships.  We can show you our different venues and would love to work with you to meet your wants and needs!  Remember to mention the $500 off promo from our flyers to save big on the ship rental fee.

Fair Winds,

Erica Geary