Pirate Birthday Party Review

Pirates on Star of India

One of our favorite things to do here at the museum is throw wicked sweet parties.  You can choose from an assortment of fun themes or create a theme of your own.  One of our specialties is pirate parties.

Recently we hosted a pirate birthday party on the Star of India.  Here is a review from our client:
“Hi Erin,

We were so pleased with the party yesterday.  Swordfish, Dread Beard and Mr. S(?) were fantastic!  Ryan’s kindergarten teacher  was a guest and even she was impressed with how they kept the kids in line.

They had the timeline down perfectly, were very organized and kept both the parents and kids well entertained with the ship’s history and pirate banter.  And what a setting.

I was worried that we had too many people (never had a party with so many RSVPs “yes”) but it was not a problem at all.  We ended up with about 28 kids with some no-shows.

Thanks for all your instructions and helpful hints.  Pizza came on time and was delicious.  Suggestion: have them cut it in squares so you don’t have a 10 inch long slice.  We did cupcakes and bottled sodas so no utensils or cups.

I hope someday we can do another event there.



Thanks Adrianne!  We are so glad you enjoyed your event and Ryan was happy!

Fair winds,

Erica Geary

Festival of Sail 2012

San Diego Bay Festival of Sail 2012

Looking for something fun to do in San Diego this Labor Day weekend?  Come down to the bay and check out all of the excitement with the Festival of Sail!

What: Festival of Sail 2012

When: Friday August 31st thru Monday September 3rd, 2012 Labor Day weekend. Open 9am to 7pm daily.

Who: Fun for the Entire Family

Where: Maritime Museum of San Diego
1492 North Harbor Drive San Diego, CA 92101

This Labor Day weekend you can experience the LARGEST Tall Ship festival on the west coast hosted by the Maritime Museum of San Diego!

The North Embarcadero will be transformed into a nautical theme park with more than twenty tall ships and other fascinating vessels from around the world visiting San Diego.

On Thursday, a day before FOS officially opens, cannon fire will salute the entrance of the tall ships from all over the world as they parade around San Diego Bay finally ending at the Maritime Museum’s docks.

Wondering what you might see if you attend the festival?  Daily you can see: visiting ships and crew, a petting zoo for kids with a variety of animals to pet, Tall ship cannon battles, Treasure Seeker Pirate themed bay cruises, over 100 arts and craft vendors, plus a multitude of food options, interaction with pirates, and more…

Visit our website for tickets, parking, and more fun!

Fair winds,

Erica Geary

Comic-Con Pirate Party

Pirate Fight on the Surprise

The Marked Men kicked off their Comic-Con Pirate Party aboard the HMS Surprise with sword fighting and witty banter.  The crew performed an assortment of scenes for their guests, making movies come to life.


Peter Pan, Rufio, Hook, and  Jack Sparrow battled it out amongst motley pirates and wenches last Friday night.   Swords sparked but tempers did not fly despite hearty shouts from the pirate crew.

Pirate Bar

The rum was flowing and the pirates were dancing, singing, and making merry, entertaining guests with their annual Pirate Party.  The Dread Crew of Oddwood performed some heavy metal pirate jams with their eight-person pirate band.

The Dread Crew of Oddwood

Guests mingled into the wee hours of the night, all in full pirate attire.  My favorite part was seeing all of the costumes and watching the pirates put on their show.  I would recommend the party to any pirate fan for a guaranteed good time.

Rufio Pirate Party

The Marked Men are also available for parties here at the museum for any interested party-throwers.

Jack Sparrow

For the complete set of photos check out our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EventVenuesSanDiego

You can also find more photos on Flickr:


Fair winds,

Erica Geary

Meet the Pilot

San Diego Bay

She is loyal, a selfless leader, and an engaging teacher.

The Pilot boat was launched on August 7, 1914 from Goularte Boatworks, San Diego.  She is a San Diego native and has filled a variety of roles over her lifetime.

In 1943 she was drafted into the US Coast Guard.  Between 1943 and 1945 Pilot brought 10 fleet carriers, 70 light or escort carriers, 5 battleships, 10 heavy cruisers, and 10 light cruisers into and out of the bay.

In 1996 Pilot was taken out of service (having received six chevrons, one for each six months’ active service) and was accepted as a donation to the Maritime Museum of San Diego in 1998.

Between 1998 and 2002 she underwent restoration and was relaunched in 2002.

She is the oldest wooden pilot boat in the country and today is used to teach about navigation, cartography, magnetism, and the history of San Diego Bay’s economy and ecology.  Pilot also gives daily 45 minute bay tours and can be chartered for private events.

Come on down to the museum for a bay tour and see her for yourself.  It’s only $3 after admission!

Fair winds,

Erica Geary

Wednesday Wedding Photos

Wedding on the Star of India

Check out Maryanne McGuire’s blog for gorgeous photos of our first Wednesday Weddings couple.  Amanda and Jose look stunning.  They got married on the Star of India and the ceremony was officiated by Reverend Powers.

Maryanne of McGuire Photography is a very talented San Diego photographer specializing in engagement, bridal, and reception photos.  I highly recommend her for any special occasion you want photographed.  She has great style and an excellent eye for detail.

For more details on our Wednesday Weddings program visit our website or call 619-234-9153 ext. 102.

Fair winds,

Erica Geary

Meet the Californian

She is swift, she is sleek, and she is built after the revenue cutter C.W. Lawrence.  Meet the Californian.

california pic

Official Tallship Ambassador of the State of California, she was built right here in our own backyard in Spanish Landing Park in San Diego.  Today the San Salvador is following in her footsteps with viewing of her progress open to public observation.

A multinational approach was used in her construction–making Californian a truly unique vessel.  Her wood came from Belize, among other places, Master Shipwright Jayford Hazell arrived from Jamaica to work on Californian, and Mexican pesos were even used in lieu of regular metal slugs.

The day of her launch quickly approached and on May 28th, 1984 a crowd gathered to see her set sail for the first time.  Unfortunately the beach was too shallow and the wheels of the launching cradle sank in the silt, preventing her launch #oops.  Californian was towed down Harbor Drive to the Coast Guard Air Station and launched the next day from one of the seaplane ramps instead.

One of her more memorable achievements is leading the 4th of July boat parade celebrating the opening of the 1984 Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles, California.

Californian has visited many ports representing the state, made a Millennium Goodwill Voyage through the Panama Canal for the OP-Sail 2000, took eight tons of medial relief supplies to Acapulco to aid victims of the 1985 Mexico City Earthquake, and has make many other goodwill voyages.  She has also been featured in Hollywood.

The Maritime Museum of San Diego acquired Californian from the Nautical Heritage Society in 20o2.  Since then she has been restored, embarked on another goodwill tour, used as an educational vessel, and used for public and private sailing adventures.

I have personally had the pleasure of sailing aboard the Californian and loved every minute of it.  I learned many fun facts about sailing and even got to haul the lines and steer!  It is definitely one of my favorite San Diego memories.  If you’re interested in sailing, Adventure Sails are available to the public through our website: http://www.sdmaritime.org/adventure-sail/.

Come by and meet her!

Fair winds,

Erica Geary