Calling All Volunteers!

We are presenting a once in a lifetime opportunity for those of us lucky enough to live in the San Diego area!

In early 2011 the Maritime Museum of San Diego began construction of a full size replica of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo’s flagship, the SAN SALVADOR.  This will be a full size USCG licensed operating replica ship, eighty feet long at the waterline.

San Salvador Construction Team

For those who love history, here is an opportunity to be a part of it.  Come join us and help build a piece of San Diego’s future history!  The site is open from 11:00 am until 4:30 pm daily, but construction is on weekdays only.  There may later be some Saturday activity.  Go on over to Spanish Landing Park (parking is free, Harbor Drive past the airport) on a weekday and ask the associate at the gate for a volunteer application.

We are looking for volunteers with all skill sets.  Don’t worry if you don’t have experience with construction–we will find something for you to do!

Give Jeff a call at 619-234-9153 ext. 135 or head over to Spanish Landing Park to get started!

Fair winds,

Erica Geary

4 thoughts on “Calling All Volunteers!

  • I wish I can be a volunteer! but I live in Northern California,…and I have a special reason why I want to be…..I was born in the Port of Navidad, Jalisco, Mexico (today’s Barra de Navidad), The history of “modern” Barra de Navidad dates back to the mid-16th century when the Spanish used it for ship building, repairs and a jumping off point to the Philippines. A monument has been erected as a memory to these journeys at the end of the jetty. Ruy López de Villalobos (1500–1544) fleet of six galleon ships, the Santiago, Jorge, San Antonio, San Cristobal, San Martin, and San Juan, left Barra de Navidad with 370 to 400 men on November 1, 1542. and, on the early morning of November 21, 1564, armed with five ships and 500 soldiers, Miguel López de Legazpi and his sail-captain Andrés de Urdaneta sailed from the port of Barra de Navidad, New Spain, in what is now Jalisco state, Mexico, sailing the vast Pacific Ocean to colonize The Philippines, and on 27 June 1542, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo set out from Navidad with three ships: the 200-ton galleon and flagship San Salvador, the ship La Victoria (c. 100 tons), and the lateen-rigged, twenty-six oared “fragata” or “bergantin” San Miguel. On 1 August Cabrillo anchored within sight of Cedros Island. Before the end of the month they had passed Baja Point (named “Cabo del Engaño” by de Ulloa in 1539) and entered “uncharted waters, where no Spanish ships had been before” On 28 September, he landed in what is now San Diego Bay and named it “San Miguel”. A little over a week later he reached Santa Catalina Island (7 October), which he named “San Salvador”, after his flagship. On sending a boat to the island “a great crowd of armed Indians appeared” — whom, however, they later “befriended”. Nearby San Clemente was named “Victoria”, in honor of the third ship of the fleet. The next morning, October 8, Cabrillo came to San Pedro Bay, which was named “Bahia de los Fumos” (English: Smoke Bay), after the burning chaparral that raised thick clouds of smoke. The following day they anchored overnight in Santa Monica Bay. Going up the coast Cabrillo saw Anacapa Island, which they learned from the Indians was uninhabited. On 18 October the expedition saw Point Conception, which they named “Cabo de Galera”. The fleet spent the next week in the northern islands, mostly anchored in Cuyler Harbor, a bay on the northeastern coast of San Miguel Island……the story is long, and I would like too the new San Salvador in her maiden voyage sail south to my hometown of Barra de Navidad, I had read many things about this proyect, but, none of these say nothing about Barra de Navidad….that’s why I would like to be a volunteer….!!!!

    • Hi José!
      Thank you so much for sharing the history of your family and the connection to the San Salvador. I learned a lot from your response and truly wish you could be a part of our team here as well. You would be a great contribution to the museum!
      I wish you the best,

  • Is George still with the museum? If so I would like to volunteer my metal fabrication skills my name is Allan & we go way back

    • Hi Allan,
      Yes George is still an avid supporter and member of the museum! We’d love to have you on board as a volunteer. Stop by anytime or give Jeff a call at 619-234-9153 ext. 135. Thanks!

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