Client Review by Nicki Deines

Hi, Jim,
Mathew and I wanted to thank you again! We had an absolutely perfect night and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves (even with the hiccup regarding Dominic). The Berkeley looked beautiful and we couldn’t be happier!  Everyone loved the food and said it was one of the best weddings they had been to. So hats off to you!
We will be sure to spread the word about you and The Berkeley!
Are there any loose ends we need to tie up? Anything that might have been left behind?


Nicki Deines

Meet Our Team: Jon Hall

This kicks off our new series of posts to help you get to know our Event Venues team here at the Maritime Museum of San Diego.

Events Group

First up is Jon Hall (center of photo)!  Originally from Fargo, North Dakota, Jon has been a San Diegan since 1950!  This year he and his wife, Lucy, will be celebrating their 50th anniversary.

Jon has been at the Maritime Museum of San Diego for seven years now and runs the Beverage Department in addition to assisting in the Event Venues Department.

When asked about one of his favorite memories here at the Museum Jon said, “My favorite was catering on the Star of India when it sailed.  It’s a 150 year old ship that sails with no motor and has sailed around the world 21 times.”  Now that is impressive!

Jon has also been the Assistant Food and Beverage Director at Town & Country, Vacation Village, Hacienda Hotel, and Holiday Inn Las Vegas.  He enjoys hanging out with his grandchildren and has a collection of 10,000 football programs and magazines.

We are so happy to have Jon as a part of our team.  If you host an event with us, you’ll probably see his smiling face behind the bar.  Make sure to say hello!

Fair winds,

Erica Geary

Meet the Swift Boat

Swift Boat

In 1971, the US Navy donated two Swift Boats to the newly formed Republic of Malta’s Maritime Squadron.

After forty years of coastguard duty, Malta retired these boats from service. In 2011, Malta’s Minister of Defense donated a Swift Boat to the Maritime Museum of San Diego with our promise to preserve her history and to pay tribute to all Swift Boat Sailors from both countries.

The Swift Boat Sailors Association is bringing this Swift Boat to the Maritime Museum of San Diego to be restored and operated on San Diego Bay. Museum visitors will have the opportunity to experience the sound and throbbing vibration from two V12 diesels delivering 980 horsepower for high speed runs through the Bay while retired Swift Boat Sailors and docents talk about what it was like to be a crewman in Vietnam, serving as a Quartermaster, Gunner’s Mate, Engineman, Radarman, Bosun’s Mate or Skipper.

US Navy’s Patrol Craft Fast were affectionally called Swift Boats for their speed and agility to go fast into harm’s way. Beginning in 1965 with Operation Market Time, these graceful vessels with a crew of six patrolled the coastline of South Vietnam to prevent infiltration via the sea of soldiers and munitions from North Vietnam. Their performance was so successful that the North stopped trying. In 1968 Swift Boats became a part of the Brown Water Navy, joining PBRs (Patrol Boat River) and the Mobile Riverine Force, patrolling rivers and canals of the Mekong Delta. This was Admiral Zumwalt’s successful interdiction strategy, called Operation Sea Lords, to disrupt the Viet Cong’s mobility and to make villages safe for the South Vietnamese to return to their homes.

Approximately 3,500 men served as crew or as support personal from 1965 to 1973. Fifty Swift Boat Sailors made the ultimate sacrifice. Over 350 were wounded. The Maritime Squadron in Malta lost seven men in the line of duty. Swift Boat Sailors trained at the Naval Amphibious Base in Coronado and cruised the San Diego Bay in route to ocean trials. There is a beautiful Vietnam Memorial Monument on this base. A PBR, a Mobile Riverine Command vessel and a Swift Boat stand facing a wall adorned with flags and engraved with names of Navy and Coast Guard men who will never be forgotten.

To all our Active Duty Personnel and those who served both the US and Malta, THANK YOU.

Fair winds,

Erica Geary

Parade of Lights Sunday 16th

There is still time to buy your Parade of Lights Party Ticket aboard the Berkeley Ferryboat!  Parade of Lights

Sunday, December 16, 2012 is the last day for the parade.

Tickets include excellent parade viewing, access to all of the Museum ships, seasonal music, and a Holiday buffet.  Ticket prices are:
Adults $50.00
Child 5-12 $25.00
Under 5 free

The Holiday buffet is served from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m.
The Parade of ships arrives at approximately 6:20 p.m.  You can also view the Museum ships before or after dinner.
Wear warm casual attire and enjoy the festivities!

Fair winds,

Erica Geary