Pirate Birthday Party Review

Pirates on Star of India

One of our favorite things to do here at the museum is throw wicked sweet parties.  You can choose from an assortment of fun themes or create a theme of your own.  One of our specialties is pirate parties.

Recently we hosted a pirate birthday party on the Star of India.  Here is a review from our client:
“Hi Erin,

We were so pleased with the party yesterday.  Swordfish, Dread Beard and Mr. S(?) were fantastic!  Ryan’s kindergarten teacher  was a guest and even she was impressed with how they kept the kids in line.

They had the timeline down perfectly, were very organized and kept both the parents and kids well entertained with the ship’s history and pirate banter.  And what a setting.

I was worried that we had too many people (never had a party with so many RSVPs “yes”) but it was not a problem at all.  We ended up with about 28 kids with some no-shows.

Thanks for all your instructions and helpful hints.  Pizza came on time and was delicious.  Suggestion: have them cut it in squares so you don’t have a 10 inch long slice.  We did cupcakes and bottled sodas so no utensils or cups.

I hope someday we can do another event there.



Thanks Adrianne!  We are so glad you enjoyed your event and Ryan was happy!

Fair winds,

Erica Geary

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