Posted by: Erica Geary | May 4, 2012

Breaking Routine

Who is tired of the same daily routine?  What do you do when your days get all too predictable and start sucking the life out of you?

I know when I get stuck in the rigid hold of routine I start getting restless and agitated.  That is when I start looking for ways to shake things up and do something different.  Sometimes the perfect solution to “Restless Routine Syndrome” is a vacation from your day-to-day.


There are lots of ways to go on vacation–and not all require taking a lot of time off work.  Try a new activity, get outside, walk or bike without having any set destination in mind.  These are good ways to start if you don’t have the time to go anywhere.

Planning a getaway is another great way to refresh and revitalize your life.  For me, these adventures can range anywhere from a day to over a month and usually involve:

  • Leaving the city I live in to get a change of scenery (even if it is for another city)
  • Exploring–nature, art, culture, language, foods, or a new place
  • Spending time with friends or making new friends along the way
  • Being active
  • And having fun of course!

Here are a few examples of my getaways from 2011:

  • Venice Beach “Pretend to Be a Tourist Day”
  • LA Redbull Soapbox Races Day
  • Newport Beach Weekend
  • San Luis Obispo Boating Weekend
  • India for a Month

Need some ideas to start some adventures of your own?  Let us help!  With the Maritime Museum of San Diego you can:

The best part is–it’s all about you–so enjoy what makes you come alive.

What sounds like a fun getaway to you?

Fair winds,

Erica Geary

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