Ryan & Katie’s Reception

Sunday, April 15th, Ryan and Katie boarded the Berkeley ferryboat for their wedding reception.

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Lots of smiling faces filled the upper deck as guests tried out Ryan and Katie’s own beer, perused costumes at the photo booth, and sampled tasty treats at the mashed potato bar.

“I wish you all the best as you grow together through the years,” said Rich, who also officiated the wedding.

“Beautiful ceremony for two beautiful people.  Love you lots,” added Missy and Jymmy.

DJ Frank from Sunset Mobile Music announced the wedding party amidst cheers and applause from the guests.  As the music grew in volume, so did the excitement of all onboard when Ryan and Katie were welcomed as husband and wife.  They danced their way across the floor and kissed, posing for pictures.  Then everyone headed out to the west deck for toasts!

“Best son a man could ever have,” said the groom’s stepfather, Richard.

“I love you and I have been on this boat when I was a kid!” said Momma Rhonda.

“It was an amazing day and everything was beautiful.  We love you so much.  We wish you a happy life together,” said Cousin Lisa.

Dinner, dancing, and cake followed.  Exciting, fun, and fresh—it was a great reception for a great couple.

Katie’s mother said, “It was a beautiful ceremony and we wish you a long happy life together.”

“Your second mom is very happy that you got married to a wonderful guy,” said Robin L. to Katie.

“Katie bug, Aunt Sis wishes you the best and will remain on Match.com,” said Aunt Sis.

Congratulations Ryan and Katie!   We wish you the best!

Fair winds,

Erica Geary

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