James & Kristan’s Wedding

Congratulations Kristan & James on your wedding, Saturday April 14th!

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The ceremony and reception were held on the Berkeley Ferryboat, which was decorated elegantly with photos and flowers.

The flower girls chatted excitedly, as they waited for the bride to arrive.  The groom chatted with his best man and Reverend Powers as they prepared for the ceremony.

Kristan looked absolutely beautiful.  She showed me her sparkling heels that said “I Do” on the bottom and also the glitter Chucks she changed into for the ceremony.  I love the flare—what a fun idea!

The ceremony was beautiful.  Reverend Powers officiated the wedding, leading Kristan and James through their vows.  Both the bride and groom were teary-eyed as they committed to their love for one another.

After their vows, they exchanged white roses, as their first gift to one another as husband and wife.  Reverend Powers asked that they buy a vase, and every year on their anniversary, buy one another roses and place them in that vase to remind them of the love they share.  Also, whenever things get rough, he encouraged them to buy a rose, and place it in the vase, to remind them of their love.   Then they kissed and everyone cheered!

Everyone headed toward the west deck for photos but it started to rain.  The photographer was able to quickly adjust the plans and get a great group photo on the dance floor.  As the rain cleared, the bride and groom headed to the east deck to take a few more photos.  A rainbow greeted the couple as they stepped outside.  I couldn’t help but smile.

“We love you,” said Dave and Peteolean.

“Nice job marrying up,” Kevin said to James with a smile.

“Congratulations,” said Uncle Jim.

“Kristan, I’ve been hearing you plan your wedding since you were a teenager, and finally the day is here.  I love you and wish you the best,” said Kristan’s stepfather, George.

“May God bless you both and watch over you the rest of your lives,” said Kristan’s grandmother.

“It means so much to me to be able to share this day with you,” said Beverly.

“I just wish the two of you a lifetime of happiness and I’m so glad you found each other,” said Lauren Kirby.

“Kristan, you practiced for this role for over 25 years and it’s finally come to fruition!” said the Mother of the Bride.

Congratulations Kristan and James!  We wish you the best.

Fair winds,

Erica Geary




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