John and Holly’s Wedding

Congratulations to Holly and John who said “I do” yesterday aboard the HMS Surprise.  The ceremony took place by the helm as guests witnessed the happy couple’s union.  Reverend Powers performed a sweet and short ceremony that was followed by photos around the ship.

Holly’s uncle, Lou was the photographer for the wedding and walked around greeting guests and taking photos.  He said, “Holly and John are an awesome couple.”

When John walked aboard, his son, Doug, chuckled and said, “You clean up well, Dad.”  The two chatted and joked with one another as guests were seated.

As Holly and her mother got ready and took photos below deck, Maids of Honor, Gayle and Louise spoke warmly of Holly.  Gayle said, “Congratulations!  It’s been a wonderful friendship that led to this.”  Louise added, “What’s so neat about this, is you hardly ever find a couple where both of them are so great.”  They helped John with his boutineer and then got into position as Holly came up the stairs with her mother.

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They exchanged vows, rings, and a kiss in front of their friends and family.  Reverend Powers did not allow them to kiss until the very end of the ceremony, creating laughter as they attempted a kiss prematurely.  Finally he allowed the kiss and presented the couple.  Leyla Wilson said, “Congratulations on marrying your best friend.”

John’s long-time friend Russ added, “You saved the best for last.”

As guests mingled, Herb spoke of John saying, “We are drinking buddies, co-conspirator liars, and poets.  He ended up being a best friend.”

In the words of Doug and Chambre, “Bon voyage!” Holly and John—may you enjoy a life of happiness together!

Fair Winds,

Erica Geary

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